Admins MIA / Website Issues – From An Admin.

Hey guys, Fox here.

I know many of you may not have seen me around, and that’s because I don’t get around much, in fact I’ve all but completely lost interest
in this kink and only come online to check up on things now, once every few weeks or so. I’m speaking to you guys today on behalf of the entire
administration team, as far as I know. I found myself to become an admin after “hacking” the old wetpantsboy website. That’s right, it was me, and
therefore I was given the responsibility of ensuring security over the new website by means of attempted exploitation (white-hat penetration testing).

Fun Fact: The old wetpantsboy website stored your credit cards in plain-text on the web servers public directory.

Anyhow, I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of trouble with this website recently and I’ve come to give you guys an admins perspective of what is going on.
Here goes. We don’t know any more than you guys do. Kinda’.

We know that recently, or well, a few months ago, the site owner had some drastic life changes and now has enormous responsibilities, as the site owner
said to me, they may not be able to continue running PooPeeLife in the future, I fear that is what has happened, they have been overencumbered by their
newfound responsibilities and have chosen to give up any association they had with this community.

I’ve sent the owner one last message and I’ll update this post if they respond.
We haven’t heard from the owner for quite some time now, thus, we can conclude that this is likely the end of poopeelife and you should seek an alternative.

In regards to the forum being down, rest assured that your posts are still saved in the website database, this can be proven by your “recent activity” still having
the content available, as for the live chat, well, AVChat was never secure anyway, so it’s better off gone.

Furthermore, only PooAlexa has full administration capability, we “admins” only have partial ability, in that we can edit content that’s uploaded by users, but not delete
accounts and what not; We don’t have server access and therefore can’t fix the broken features.

Thank you for your time and the contributions you have made to not only this community (poopeelife), but also the old one (wetpantsboy).
I sincerely hope I get to see you guys again, some time in the future.

Signed. Your resident furry fox.
See you when I see you! Alternatives…


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    There are some alternatives, but none of them is close to be like this site. The sense of community will fall apart after this. I’m not meaning that it’s anyone’s fault, I’m not blaming anyone. But this should let us understand that simply finding alternatives isn’t enough, we should create something new. A site like this is expensive to run and I doubt that anyone will take the responsability of running it. A simple solution could be a forum, who could also contain media files, like I wish I had the competences to start one, but informatics is just not my field. I only hope that someone who has these skills will consider my idea. Perhaps we’ll save something.
    (Maybe I’m wrong about the fact that forums could cost less money and less effort, I hope I’m not)

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    fox Post author

    @xawet It’s easy and inexpensive to run a forum, heck, even terabytes of storage is pretty cheap if you want to host videos, coming to a few terabytes of storage on each server for $100-ish/mo. Have fun paying for bandwidth.

    But have fun advertising it and building a community from the ground up XD
    Heck, to be honest, I wouldn’t really call this site a community either, it isn’t very active.

    Go for it, I say.

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    Like oldmanbrown says we should have the ability to leave and delete our content. Alexa DOES log on fro time to time, just over a week ago according to the members page and if she is through with the site then she should have the decency to at least allow us to remove ourselves from it. Also out of pure courtesy a brief note explaining the situation would not have gone amiss. It seems that some folks are still paying to join and that is plain wrong, it’s misleading because the site is seemingly finished. I truly hope that Alexa does the decent thing and finishes it completely with a note to explain why, rather than just let it die slowly. I want my profile to be deleted!

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    Sucks frankly! Leaving everyone hanging like this. Was a great place to get off and share the true kink if scat and piss. I am going to miss it unless someone can FIX IT.