Kik Group (Members Wanted)

Thought I’d call out to the remaining guys out there who are still acrive on this site in hopes of forming some sort of group with the whole messimg/desperation/dare theme. No telling what the fate of this site would be, so I’d thought I’d put an add out in hopes having a small place for like-minded individuals to congregate.

As for what the group theme I had, I thought it could go something along the lines of this:

I was thinking that there could be a portion of the group that includes a series of creative guys that issue tasks for some of the daring members to complete. The “darers” and the “darees” to put it simpler.

For the guys issuing the dares, it’ll be their job to create a well-thought-out, interesting dare for someone to accept. This shouldn’t include simple and vapid tasks such as “shit urself, ” or sit in ur poopy” (Tasks can result in that outcome, but stand-alone, the actions don’t seem all that well-thought-out). It is expected that the task exciting and new that compels a task goer to accept. This can include anything from public, private, or even both, all with the underlying theme of desperation/messing/pissing.

If the task goer or task creators want to add something else that branches off into another fetish, that’s fine as long as everyone is okay with it. The task can be short and simple, or long enough to span throughout multiple days.

Nevertheless, it will be the task goers duty to follow through with what is asked, providing photo/video evidence if needed. The task goer will be expected to follow the given task to completion, only backing out or stopping if told or for a minor emergency. If the task does not appeal to the task goer, they should always inform the task makers before accepting. It would be disspointing for someone to back out mid-scenario.

Not all members are required to be task goers, but there should a handful of task goers comfortable with their role, likewise with the task creators.

If anyone feels the need to change to change or try different roles, that is completely fine. This should be done on so memes own accord though, not done out of peer pressure or group demand. No one should be pressured into to doing anything they do not feel comfortable doing or partaking in.

As for tasks, multiple can be going on at the same time. But for organization sake, it should be expected that tasked are limited to one per person at a time. If you like the idea of a listed task whiles not the middle of your own, try to wait until completing the accept the given task.

If topics or pictures that pertain to the topic messing/desperation – but are t apart of the task – want to be shared at any time, feel free to. not expected, but accepted.

Whatever the way, all member should be contributing is whatever way they feel comfortable with. If someone is just joining for the sole reason to take advantage of shared videos or pictures, it can’t be said that they’ll remain all that long in the group. Kicking is a rather drastic action, but if it ensures that everyone’s here for the same reason, it has to be done. I’m sure there’s atleast a few other groups solely dedicated for that single purpose.

This is the system I thought the group would follow. Group of like-minded fellows gathered around for the same purpose. Many times I’ve attempted to form similar groups dedicated to a similar purpose, but all eventually faded without coming to fluition.

To ensure that the group stays alive, they are a few set-requirements that should be met.

As for race, ethnicity, body-type, and age is concerned, everyone is welcome! So no one is limited due to that.

Next is commitment. If you find that contributing the the group in some way is chore, then it might not be for you. It is asked that all memebers are active as often as possible. This is to ensure the group stays active and strong. The minute people show uninterest and the inability to stay active, others will follow suit. That is way everyone is asked to be ready to commit some portion of time. If not a large amount, some whenever you can to show commitment and interest.

Note that the group might not be as “sexy” as you would think going in, so don’t go In with overly-high expectations. If you’re someone to jump ship immediately when someone doesn’t go you’re way, the group might not be your cup of tea then. It is expected everyone stands by, even if it’s a rather slow day.

If you’re coming for the sole-purpose of giving yourself the designation of “task creator,” only to stubbornly demand someone you find “sexy” does your task for a quick jerkoff, you’ve got another thing coming lol.

I asked you to be respectful, mature, patient, and committed. Understand the purpose of the group, and try to include yourself as an active, committed, contributing membeer for the group.

And remember, it won’t work if everybody’s demanding, or receiving There needs to be a fine balance between task creatures and task goers. If you know the group is primarily full of task creators, it should be expected not many more will be added until. more task goers are added to balance it out a bit more. No one will be kicked for that reason, but invitation may be slowed.

So yeah, I’m hoping to really get this up and going! Has always been a nagging thought of mine, and up until recently, i haven’t taken a course of action to make it a reality. So if you share they listed interests and are fond of the system and 100% willing and committed, please shoot me a message on Kik (listed below).

Note that a message on Kik will always be responded to quickly, which can’t be said about messaging on here. I’m only on a few times a day, so quick responses are unlikely. For that reason, advise everyone to reach me on Kik instead.

Kik: dirtybriefs


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    Ronnie Mac

    just signed up for Kik.


    Not sure what I would do… but anything has to be better than the rubbish the video chat redirects us to now.