Last Accident in High School

I was a senior in high school and I would park my car in the nearby woods. I did this when I was planning to hold my poop and let it out in my pants when school ended. I would feel the urge after lunchtime and go to the bathroom in 6th period. But, one day, my bathroom schedule changed on me. I parked my car in the woods because I was planning to go to the bathroom in my pants that afternoon. I felt a pressure in my butt while I was walking through the woods. I had to poop at 7 in the morning, which was unusual. 6th period came and my tummy was making noises and I had to fart a lot. I came close to an accident in 7th period when I bent over to pick something up. When that period ended, I almost went to the bathroom (in the toilet), but I didn’t. 20 minutes into 8th hour, I couldn’t take the pain anymore and pooped myself. Now, I was not new to this, having accidents in school was something I had done a few times every school year. This time, I was two weeks away from graduating and I just made a poopy in my pants. I asked to go to the bathroom and I sat in a stall over the toilet to kill time. My stomach had some more digested food left in it and since I was over a toilet, it let more of that stinky stuff into my jeans. I didn’t want people to tell I stunk to avoid getting sent to the nurse as a second semester senior for something a kindergartner would get sent for. There were 3 minutes left til school was out, so I got off the toilet and went back to class. The teacher said “You were in there a while.” “Yeah I have the worst stomach problems.” Everyone was already at the door waiting for the bell to ring. I sat distant from them to avoid being smelled. I ran out of the school and had a calm walk through the woods while the air around me stunk. I got home and my dad was there. I said my usual sentences to him and ran upstairs. I took a serious shower and threw away my underwear at the bottom of the garbage bin.