New year

I Woke up today at 8 am. and went to pee. After that i have not peed, but i have drinked some water and soda. Now the time is 4 pm. and i have to pee. At 6 pm. my homevillage orders a firwork and
i am going to watch it without going to pee before i left. I put my new snow pants on, which i bought last winter. Then after that i have to wait an hour for a bus. I Am going to capital city and watch a
new years concert and i have given my self a permission to pee my pants if i can not hold anymore. Because i have snow pants on, no one can see it. I Have never hold it so long that it will be if i
manage to hold till new year is here and i got to home with bus.


  1. hoddok Post author

    The evening continued and i did something i couldn’t think that i really would do. I Went to porta pottie at the square and i peed through my boxerbriefs to the toilet and then pulled my snowpants up again. It didn’t show outside so i was in peed pants at square full of people. It was nice to think, that no one knows ive just peed my pants. Then when i was on bus going home, i had to pee and squirted little bit more at the bus.