Posting new stories

I am still finding my way around here and would like someone to tell me how to post a new story.I have a lot of stories from my past that would be fun to read but I am not sure how to post them so please someone help me out.


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    I’m a newbie, too. Still exploring the site. I’d like to read your stories, too. I’ve posted some in threads here in the last couple of days. I think some responses were in the General Forum section in response to some posts. Like how my fetish got started and how I manage it day to day. One was under a recent blog section story about a guy telling of his habit of pooping his pants on the way home from school which struck a memory with me. Welcome to us, debbiedoespoo!

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    Go to the STORIES Menu, then scroll down To New Stories area, choose it and by following the prompts: you should then be able to post.