Video Chat

Welcome to PooPeeLife video chat! The rules are pretty simple — Be polite, be respectful.

PPL Video Chat is hosted securely on our own servers. All traffic to it is encrypted with SSL. Only registered members can join video chat.

You can hang out in the main room. You can make your own room. You can set a password on your own rooms or invite others to your own room for some fun times. Anyone may broadcast their camera in any room, however only the main room is moderated. What you do in your own private rooms, is privately yours to enjoy.

  1. Clicking the button below will open chat in a new window.
  2. Ctrl+Clicking the button below will open chat in a new tab (Some browsers don’t like doing this, like FireFox, so if it doesn’t work, that’s why!)
  3. Problems connecting to chat? The software was recently updated. Clear your browser cache