Poopy homework !

Poopy homework !

Three days ago, my GF told I should clean all our house shutters and repair a few of them. So I did start that my housekeeping duties. For that purpose, I put on one of my old skintight stretch skinny jeans (actually a DIESEL “STICKKER”) size W29) that closely hugg my ass and legs like […]


Sunlight streamed through the leafy canopy in glowing bars that illuminated the forest floor with pale yellow pools of light. The sounds of the forest – the shrill but soothing chirping of insects, beautiful ballets sung by all varieties of bird and the soft babbling of a nearby stream, combined with the plethora of scents […]

Showtime – fiction

It was a calm, sunny morning. The nature, grass, trees, birds, it all promised a warm day, a good one to start the first month of the summer. People of the City started to wake up, preparing themselves for the day, sending their kids to school, thinking about forthcoming argues at work and all things […]