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    I’ve pooped myself in public a few times. I’ve done it a couple times on the bus just before I get off. Also did it once in Walmart as I was going through the self checkout.

    Many times I’ve also pooped while driving around town. Love squishing around in it as I drive home.

    Anybody else like do this? Do you like it when people know you soiled yourself or do you prefer to be covert?



    I’ve only done it a couple times in public. Once in a walk and another after work. Felt so good both times feign it squish it bounce around.



    I like to seek out pretty girls in the mall that I would like to change me if I was still a baby. I like to be covert where I can see them but I don’t think they see me and start the grunting and forcing and feeling it sliding out and going PLOP in my underpants then my penis is hard and erect… close to the top of my undies and I begin to do splurts of pee until I fully release the urine into my pants. Just a few times so far.



    Many times while driving, in malls and dept. stores and in parks and hiking trails (away from people).



    I’m the same way as oldmanbrown. It’s just wrong to do it when you have control over what you’re doing and do it around others who may notice and not want to take part. Especially bad are those who do it in movie theaters or some place where a puddle is left on the floor. That’s a safety hazard to others.



    I’ve pooped myself several times in public, sometimes in my underwear, sometimes in a diaper. I’ve wet myself a few times as well but only in a diaper.



    yes I have a few times



    Yes. Have done so many times. I love it! The last time I did, was in a sporting goods store. I squatted down in one of the isles and pushed a HUGE solid load into my briefs. It was such a big poop, it felt like it would never stop coming! It filled up my underwear and made a big bulge in the back.



    I go poop in my pants in public a few times a week. I’m always wearing a diaper when I do. No one has ever noticed as far as I know. I try to do it in large stores where I won’t be too close to others. I have gone poo in movies and resuraunts, though I try to avoid those places.



    I have done a couple of times this week. Once in my pants as I was walking across the car park from the shops to the public toilets. And yesterday on a footbridge over a busy road. I was wearing a nappy and a pretty girl on a bike rode past and turned to look when she noticed the “aroma” 😀

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