The other day I was at Target shopping, and I saw these new depends diapers. I looked around and made sure that no one was looking and I grabbed two boxes of Depends briefs for men that came in different colors. I ran to my car and opened one of the boxes and pulled a black one out. I pulled down my shorts and boxers. Open up the diaper and pulled it up. They were so comfortable. I peed quite a bit in them, it held it and I didn’t even feel that I just wet myself. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It looked like underwear. I was really happy with it. I had to take a shit so I walked in the the stall( it had one urianal and one stall) I walked into the stall pulled down my pants and sat. I guy came in all of a sudden. Banged on the door ” I got to shit”! I replied that’s what I’m doing. He moaned, and said oh no. I heard a grunt, some crackling, and a deep breath. He said I hope your happy that i shit myself, and I was

Part 2 is coming