Huge diaper loading in staples

Well after almost 3 weeks without a major accident, I had another public pants filling. Luckily I was smart enought to wear my diapers, rather than underwear, or god forbid boxers! But anyway, I was getting out of my car to go to staples, when I felt that pressure in my tummy like something was brewing down below. I figured i’d head for the toilet as soon as I got in like an adult would do, and not try to hold it in like a toddler, which is what I usually do. But then I realized I didn’t know where the bathroom was! It was a pretty big staples. So i’m wandering around and the pressure is getting more urgent with each step. Soon I was prary dogging and getting more desperate. Then I rounded the corner of one of the isles and……It hit. I stood helplessly and unloaded a massive pile of semi-solid turd into my diapers. It came out like a shit avalanche and I couldn’t control it. I went through my usual routine of slight panic, followed by pleasure and enjoyment of the senastions of my bowel relieving itself of all that poop! It dropped in my diaper like a cannon ball and made it sage. Then the smell began, like a slow rising fart and then a more sharp, pungent shit smell. I was near a father with his adolescent son, and had to walk right past them to get by. As I walked by I heard the father say quietly ” wooo! what’s that smell did you fart or poop your pants?” He was looking at his son. The kid laughed and said “it’s not me. I think it’s that dude that walked by.” and I heard the dad say ” Oh, I thought you pooped in your pants again” The kid turned beat red, obviously he was notorious for pooping himself.” I felt guilty that the lad was getting the blame for my accident, but I continued walking. Finally, I had to stop and ask someone in the store. I asked an older gentleman who was looking at some computers. He said ” I don’t have the foggiest idea where the bathrooms are.” As he said this he sniffed the air a bit, so I knew he could smell my pants load. I turned and kept looking until finally I found it. The clean up was pretty bad. I had to wipe myself with paper towel and clean water for what seemed an eternity. Finally I was done. I flushed, and disposed of the dirty diaper in the trash. It made the bathroom stink pretty bad. I feel sorry for the janitor who has to clean the bathroom and find a grown man’s diaper with a big poop load in it!