I Rung In The New Year With A Diaper Poop

This happened Saturday Night. It was about eleven-fifty-five. It had been nearly five hours since I’d eaten four bowls of chili for dinner. I was only wearing a diaper under blue toe-length leggings with black heels and a pink bra. I was watching the clock tick down to midnight when I suddenly felt pressure on my bowels. I immediately realized it was an urge to poop. I decided to hold it. As the minutes ticked down, the urge grew, so I got in front of my mirror. At the stroke of midnight, I relaxed my anus and I began farting as I started releasing a load of soft poop into the back of my diaper. “Oh, that feels good,” I thought to myself as I farted and pooped. After a couple of minutes, I stopped farting and pooping. I looked in my mirror and found a bulge the size of a grapefruit in the back of my diaper. I decided to remain in my poopy diaper.


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    A great way to bring in the New Year !!! Bless you and hope there are many others out there that did the same !! I know I did with 2 bottles of champagne and a huge bowl of salad and chile !!!!

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    Nice that is the perfect way to bring in the new year…just think…? You now have 12 months to plan a huge new years celebration. ..

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    I often thought it would be real fun to be pooping my pants while screwing a pussy and holding back my cum ’till exactly 12 midnight at New Years. I will go off with the rest of the midnight fireworks!!! A New Years to remember…..