School in Diapers – DL pivotal experience

I was one of the youngest kids in my kindergarten class, I was able to use the toilet to poop but sometimes I would pee before I made it to the bathroom. When I started kindergarten I still had accidents on a bi-daily basis so my mother put me in pull ups (easy ups or pull ups) in kindergarten so I wouldn’t have accidents in school. Also kindergarten was only a half day and my parents worked full time so after kindergarten class I took the bus to a day care, there was a 2-4 hour nap time that I was forced to participate in and at that time I couldn’t stay dry at night for the life of me I usually wet my pull ups 1 or 2 times a night. At this daycare is were I normally had an accident in my diaper, I am not sure if the women who ran the day care even knew I was still wearing a diaper, they saw me use the bathroom fine when I was there, even though that was only a few times. The experiences I had wearing a diaper around a bunch of other people who were oblivious to the fact I was wearing a diaper was satisfying, and even when I was little I would love the wet feeling and would not like to take off my wet pull up. I remember when I would get picked up from this daycare and would go home my parents trusted me to change myself, which I never really did I would just put napkins into a plastic grocery bag, wrap it up and throw it in my trash, they never knew. Depending on how wet my pull up was never really mattered to me, it was either wet or dry, I do not know how many AB/DL’s realize this or not but when you are a kid you do not pee as much at a time and as a child your diaper experience is a bit easier cause you shouldn’t leak at all really, at least in my case I do not ever remember leaking. I remember one time the gel inside the diaper would occasionally come out because the absorbent part of the diaper broke open that is another feeling I like. That concludes this bit of insight into my past/ origin of my DL tendencies.

Sorry for this story being hard to follow this is just a bit more insight to why I am the way I am, it is because it is how I was born, I have been a DL since before I was even fully potty trained.


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    Amen brother and some people will never know that feeling. I too started young and loved every minute of it.. Now almost fifty years later I still love the sensation of a good pee and poop in a diaper as I’m strolling through the market.. Keep up the great work buddy !!!

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    Thanks there will be more to come, maybe even a made up story with some elements of things that happened to me in it