Tractor needs an oil change!

It seems only fitting that as my son had to purchase this thick wooden paddle from his own wages, that it should be soundly used on him and him alone. I confess I thoroughly enjoy chastising him, beating his bottom and warming his legs. I have done so since he was a small child and see no reason why it should change in the future. I’ll always be his father and a father’s job is to instil discipline in his child. He’s a grown man now my boy Michael, almost 20 years of age. He looks mighty fine with his floppy blonde hair and well defined muscles rippling through his oil stained overalls.

The funny thing about my son and something I confess I find so physically attractive is the fact that he still wears and indeed uses diapers. Not a problem really, I’ve been used to seeing and dealing with his shit and piss since he was a baby. After my wife walked out when he was a toddler leaving both me and Mikey high and dry, I figured it would just be easier to keep him in diapers, rather than put him through the stress of potty training and as time went by I guess it just got overlooked. He can use the toilet if he chooses but he can be lazy, so generally he doesn’t.

The problem with my boy is that he just doesn’t listen. We live on a farm and among the many jobs is the upkeep of our two old tractors. I asked him to drain an engine of oil. An easy task I hear you say. I told him to take care to make no mess when emptying said oil, to use a syphon. Could he do that, that simple task? NO, seemingly he could not and now I am confronted by a boy, thickly covered and sticky with dirty black engine oil.

Hanging over the aroma of the oil is another smell I know so well. The heavy smell of piss emanates from my boy and the tell-tale sign of a bloated diaper is evident at the front of his denims.

My boy knows he’s in for it. I spank him for every deviance, every act of defiance, every bit of back talk he gives me and I’m not one for waiting till later, no when Michael needs it, Michael gets it.

I would usually whap my boy’s bare arse across my lap in his bedroom but even though I’m none too particular when it comes to cleanliness I really don’t relish the idea of getting engine oil over the furniture. No, today Mike will earn his licks right here, out in the cold for all to witness and if the guy who milks the cows can see, well so be it.

I guess the seat of my tractor is as good as any place to heft my boy over my knees. I’m getting old now but I’m still mighty powerful and my legs are good for a few years more to carry an errant son, even if he is a great lump.

I hoist Mikey up and over, grabbing him by the braces and forcing him head down into the cab of the tractor. To make him hold still for me I make him take a firm hold of the accelerator pedal and spread his legs wide. That act tightens the crotch of his already tight dungarees and leaves me with two puffed up butt cheeks. That’s the result of him wearing a diaper.

I guess you know what’s coming Michael I say matter of factly and he gives me a curt and clipped Yes Sir!

I made Michael purchase this particular paddle a couple of years back. He had to save up for it for three months solid. I took him to make his down payments every month. There he’d be all pale faced and real sorry looking for himself but just crying out for some proper firm discipline. The guy who sold it to him always had a half lopsided grin on his face as he offered me the chance to trial it on each occasion. Real satisfying it was too feeling the solid oak touch base against Mikey’s rump time and again. It raises a thick red welt after only one of two firm hits. My boy sure fidgeted about and he’d be a yipping and a yelping almost immediately and after 5 minutes of the thing repeatedly cracking down on his bare hide I’d be able to reduce him to a snivelling baby, begging and crying. Gave me a real boner I can tell you! One time I had to relieve myself there and then with him still across my lap. You can bet I then tanned his behind real hard and long for making me do such a thing.

Anyhow I’ve got my boy real comfy across my lap and yes my usual boner is firm in my pants. My boy stinks of oil and piss and yep when I lean down I can just detect a faint whiff of shit from the seat of his overalls. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. He’s got a good kick, has my lad. Hold still Michael.

Ow Sir that damn hurts my lad exclaims with the first tears starting to drip down. I have to foist him back securely into place as his jumping around has kinda dislodged him. This ol’ paddle has a real nice frim handle and the noise it makes against his diapered arse is more than satisfying. His full wet diaper rubs up against my leg with each protracted movement and it’s almost like he’s all lubed up sliding back and forth across my legs.

SMACK, SMACK, CRACK, SMACK, SPANK. The greasy oil starts to impregnate my hand and the smell is heady. There is almost a splatting noise audible from Mikes grungy arse.

Ahhh fuck off dad, Pleeeaaassseeee stop it hurts so much. SPANK, SPANK, SMACK, CRACK SMACK.

Mickey’s just farted right in my face. you’re a real bad boy Mike I say as I double my efforts to blister his butt. Shit and oil an amazing combination.

CRACK, SPANK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. We can go on all afternoon but I suspect my message is not really getting through. After all Michael is wearing a thick diaper under heavy denim coveralls.

Up and strip for me boy I shout as I pull him out of the tractor cab planting one or two more firm red hand prints over his covered rear.

Gus the guy who milks for us is now standing across the way and paying close attention.

Ah no dad, please not here

YES here Mike, down with them and strip that wet diaper too

I watch closely as my boy gingerly unclips the braces from their bib clips and lower’s them down, flopping in front of his crotch. They are thick with greasy black oil. I plant my hand hard against his left thigh to make him move quicker.

I don’t have all day kid, you’ve a real good hiding coming to you, best get it over with. Now get them down

With big old tears in his eyes and burning red cheeks, I watch as Mike self-consciously pulls his overalls down to just below his knees. His diaper is hanging down low. The boy has pissed more than once in those. I reach forward and squeeze. A not inconsiderable amount of liquid spills out and splatters to the ground at Mikey’s feet. I of course am used to seeing this but Gus is shocked and amused.

Didn’t know you was a piss pants he laughed, just wait till I tell the guys at the bar

Get ’em off Mikey I say as I step forward to assist him with the side tabs. The plastic covering slips away from one side revealing a swollen and very yellow, very obviously pissed diaper and yep as I look down inside I see the brown marks that indicate that even if my boy hasn’t shit, he certainly hasn’t wiped clean for a while. That fart earlier might have indicated more than just a need to loose a little gas. My boy needs the toilet?

I pull the diaper free and as I drag my son close to my side to re-commence his paddling I note something that makes me real cross.

What the hell is THAT Michael?

Around my son’s half flaccid manhood there is a thick and ingrained ring, black with engine oil.

Let me see your hands boy I say as I grab him by the wrist and turn his right hand face up. Sure enough there thickly coted around his thumb and index finger are the tell-tale signs of engine oil.

I waste no more time but lean my boy over my body and while holding him real firmly I whap his arse time and again. CRACK, CRACK, SMACK, WHAP, SMACK, CRACK.


Now there is no holding back. He tries to break free but I’m so much stronger than my lad and force him further down and pin him in place with my left leg. I let my hand take over now and systematically redden and blister first his backside and then his thighs, individually and then together.

Mikey is jumping around screaming and yelling and crying, with snot shooting everywhere but still my boy gets it from his dad.


Don’t you dare ever let me catch you wanking again boy, you got it?

Ohhhhhh, Oiiiiiii, Owwwwwwwwwww Noooooooooo dad I won’t, I’m soooorrrryyyy, pllleeeaaaassseeee stop hittiinnnggg me


Now get up

Mikey, my boy goes to pull his dungarees up but I’m not finished yet.

Not so fast young man, what was the cause of those shit stains in your diaper, did you need a crap?

No Dad

Well you’re gonna do one and right now. See that water trough over there? Get your arse sat down on the edge of it and take a dump Mike

As Michael shuffles self-consciously over to the water feed trough, Gus comes over to see the boy better as he lowers himself down and starts to strain with all his might. The action of Michael’s prolonged pooing in the trough has caused my boys cock to fully inflate to its pathetic 5 inches.

OK Mike before I take you inside for a thorough scrubbing boy and I DO mean thorough, I wanna see you rub a little more of that oil off of your hand. Get my meaning?

Blushing furiously as Gus looks on with undisguised glee, I wallop my lad’s shitty arse and I watch as Mikey grabs hold of himself and starts to pump away. That thick old oil ring grows wider and wider as my boy pulls and tugs at his half sized cock.

Faster Mike, it’s cold out here and I want to get in for dinner

Michael furiously masturbates trying to avoid all eye contact with either Gus or me and after two or three minutes he manages to pump his seed out and across the yard. I move forward and between my thumb and forefinger I squeeze out the last vestiges of boy cum, wiping the resulting sticky mess down his leg. For his final session I sit myself down on the now foul smelling trough and pull him across my lap for a final thorough and prolonged spanking.

That’s SPANK For SPANK Wanking SPANK Without SPANK My SPANK Permission SPANK.

Now get your hide inside and in that shower, got it boy?

I watch and laugh with Gus as Mike shuffles shamefacedly in towards the bathroom.

I reckon my boy’s gonna get another good hiding when I get in shortly but I’ll let him wash up first. I have a tractor engine to sort out. Needs a proper oil change……….


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    Should have forced him to shit himself. But this was still really hot, more!