A Bad Day For Mikey

Mikey walked into the house and threw his car keys on the table. The athletic looking 21year old had had a great weekend hanging out and staying with his buddy Ben at Ben’s folk’s house.

‘I’m home dad’ he shouted out and headed for the stairs. ‘Michael, can you come in here please I want a word with you’.

His dad didn’t sound his usual bubbly self and what was with the Michael business? He hadn’t been addressed like that for as long as he could remember, probably not since mom had given him his last spanking way more than 7 years previously.

‘What’s up dad?’. ‘I’ve just had Benjamin’s mother on the phone, she didn’t want to say anything while you were there but apparently the whole family said you didn’t smell too good for most of the weekend. Even Benjamin was embarrassed being around you’.

‘I had my deodorant on dad’ Mikey said a little defensively taking a deep sniff of his armpit.

‘It wasn’t body odor they said you smelled of Michael, it was shit!’.

Mikey’s face reddened. ‘Michael, what the hell is going on with you’ said his father ‘You’re practically a grown man, not a shitty arsed baby. It’s not the first time this has happened either is it? Your mom and I thought you smelled strange a couple of times last week, she convinced me that it wasn’t you, simply something in the air, but then when I was collecting laundry from your room the other day I noticed that you had some pretty heavily ingrained shit stains in your briefs, what have you got to say for yourself?’

Mikey didn’t know what to say ‘Uh, I’m sorry dad, I’ll try not to let it happen again, I promise I’ll take more care over my hygiene’. ‘Too damn right it’ll not happen again son, we’re gonna deal with this today once and for all. I didn’t bring you up to smell like a shit house. For God’s sake, I thought you’d learned how to clean yourself up when you were a kid. Obviously I was wrong’.

Mikey was mortified at this outburst by his father and went to walk away. ‘Not so fast lad’ said his dad, ‘come over here, I think I need to check the state of your backside and pants’.

Mikey, suddenly feeling very self-conscious didn’t want his father checking anything, but with the mood he was in he also didn’t want to provoke his dad, he knew he was treading on thin ice and doing or saying the wrong thing might end up with him feeling the tail end of his father’s heavy leather belt across his backside. He hadn’t had to endure that for a long, long time, but the memory was clearly etched in his mind.

‘Come and stand right here in front of me Michael’, Said his father. ‘OK I’m gonna have you turn around and I want you to bend forward a little. First off I’m gonna take a good deep sniff of the back of your pants, if I don’t smell anything, you’re free to go Michael. If on the other hand you do indeed reek of shit as everyone seems to think, we’ll go a stage further and I will take your pants down and inspect your underpants. Boy, if I find so much as a mark or stain in those knickers of yours, 21 or not I will give your backside the biggest hiding it’s ever had’.

Mikey was almost trembling, he knew full well that he hadn’t wiped too well last time he’d used the john, in fact he’d struggled to go to the toilet at all what with being so constipated.

‘Dad can’t we talk about this please? I didn’t mean to let this happen, it was an accident’ Mikey whined. ‘Grow up Michael I’m sick of your behavior. Turn around, open your legs a little and bend over so’s I can check you out’.

Mikey reluctantly complied with his father’s demand. He felt mortified as his father bent down and taking his time, deliberately and thoroughly rubbed and deeply smelled his son’s bottom. ‘Ok lad unfortunately for you, looks like I’m gonna have to remove your pants and carry out a much more thorough check, because you do indeed stink. I want to see the extent of that mess in your briefs, and Michael, I think you need to be thinking whether you want a hand spanking from me, or a couple of strokes of my belt? You’re old enough to make that choice, even if you do still mess your pants like a baby’.

By now Mikey was almost crying, it was bad enough having his dad check his bottom like he was a little kid, now he was gonna be given a good hiding too.

His father took his time removing Mikey’s tight fitting jeans, deliberately undoing his fly buttons slowly and one at a time. Giving the boy ample cheek reddening time to digest the embarrassment of his situation.

Once down about the young man’s ankles, Mikey’s father pulled back the waist band on his son’s snug fitting white underwear and looked down inside. A thick, dark, well ingrained line of shit was clear to be seen. ‘Gonna part your cheeks Michael to see how much is caked around your backside, you’re a naughty boy and you smell pretty bad too, do you know that?’ His father said quietly.

‘OK son, hand or belt?’ ‘Oh dad pleeeease don’t spank me I promise this won’t ever happen again, I’m too old for a spanking. How about grounding me for a week or two, or maybe taking the car away for a while?’ Mikey was desperate now.

‘No I’m not going to ground you and yes you are going to be thoroughly spanked, but Michael once today’s punishment is over I think you’ll think twice before messing yourself and causing me embarrassment with Ben’s family again!’.

Mikey’s father took hold of his full grown son, bent him firmly across his lap and for the first time in many, many years proceeded to soundly and thoroughly thrash his backside.

The 21 year old kicked his legs and arms and writhed around like a five year old, but all to no avail. He was held fast and firm over his dads lap and soon tears were falling, but his father simply kept on and on reddening and warming his muscular and lightly haired butt. The tanning of Mikey’s hide must have lasted a good 10 minutes. The boy was crying like a baby, he’d dripped snot and dribbled uncontrollably. His face looked a mess.

During the hiding Mikey’s father had gotten shit all over his hand from his son’s dirty bottom and there was an acrid thick shit smell in the air.

‘Now stand up Micheal and let’s get this finished’. Mikey who could barely walk, his bottom hot, sore and on fire looked up at his father still with tears in his eyes, ‘Isn’t it finished now dad? Please no more I’m sorry, I’m too old for this’.

‘Michael I’m taking you to use the toilet’ his father said. ‘Come on, as you’re acting like a child, shitting your pants, I guess I’ll have to treat you like one. Hold my hand Mikey, daddy’s little boy needs to go poo poo’s’.

Mikey’s face burnt red. Nobody had observed him doing his business since his early childhood, and then it had always been his mom, never his father, that was just unthinkable! To make matters worse he was constipated and not at all sure he would be able to go. His dad, gripping Mikey’s hand tightly, while planting firm hard swats against his bare arse with the other, shuffled him along to the bathroom, pants and jeans still around his ankles. Lifting the toilet seat, his father guided Mikey’s bright red and burning bottom firmly down into a sitting position.

‘Ok Michael to finish off this punishment session and to hopefully teach you a lesson, I am going to supervise you while you do me a massive shit son. Once finished I will wipe your bottom for you and lastly you will be given another good hiding, do you understand?’

‘Yes dad’ Mikey replied helplessly, what else could he say?

‘OK Michael sit up straight and part your knees for me. I want to see exactly what you’re dropping into that toilet bowel. I’m gonna hold your hand, and you son are going to look at me while you strain me out a huge log or two. You’ll think about the implications of still messing yourself at 21 and what you’ll go through should it ever happen again. I will decide when you have done enough, is that clear?’

‘Uhhu but dad, It’s gonna be so hard for me’ Mikey whined. ‘I’ve been so constipated for days, please can’t you just leave me here on my own to try and go and just come check the results after? I promise I’ll try hard’. Mikey’s pleading fell on deaf ears.

‘Michael, if you’re constipated then it’s even more important that I as your father make sure you go properly isn’t it? And boy you are gonna go properly, make no mistake’.

Scared shitless but resigned to his fate, with arse burning and belly knotted, Mikey awaited instructions from his father.

‘Right lad push down hard for your dad’. His father had a somewhat amused look on his face and Mikey felt like a little boy again. Mikey doing as he was told, pushed down, but all that happened was a small escape of gas.

Come on boy, I want to see you try a little harder than that’, His father gripped his hand a little tighter and stung the back of his calf with the other ‘push Michael!’ Mikey strained as hard as he could, his face contorting into a grimace of pain. He closed his eyes. ‘Open them up and look at me’, Mikey’s dad was not going to accept any playing up from his son. ‘Think this is gonna take a while, we’ll give it all the time it takes to do daddy a big potty’.

Michael, looking deeply into his dads face, flushed with embarrassment, pushed down with all his might, God it hurt so bad. A loud fart that smelled real bad, followed by a thick, hard lump of shit started to protrude from his sore backside.

Mikey couldn’t breathe it hurt so much and he wanted to stop. ‘Please dad, let me rest up a while, it hurts’ Mikey grunted. ‘Looks like you’ve been needing dump this for a while son, maybe I need to keep a closer eye on you and your toileting habits in future, now Michael God damn push and get it over with, I’m sick of your behavior’.

Mikey tried hard, pushing with all his might, but producing nothing tangible. His father, patience rapidly running out, leaned down and slapped Mikey’s bare thigh hard, instantly leaving a livid red hand print. He then roughly lifted the almost grown man as easily as he might a small child and, turning him around and over across his knee, parted Mikey’s legs and walloped his bare behind time after time after time. Mikey screamed and cried out, the pain from his failed bowel movement, the edge of the solid, thick and extemely hard turd just poking out of his arse hole was now made much worse by the burning sting of his father’s constant and unrelenting thrashing being delivered to his sore, raw and shit packed behind. Thwack, Thwack, Thwack and still it went on wallop, crack wallop.

After what seemed like an eternity and eventually satisfied that he had driven home his point that Mikey was going to produce a shit no matter what, Mikey’s father once again firmly planted his sons bottom down onto the unyielding seat of the toilet.

Mikey, tears streaming down his face, was once again forced to bare down with all his might against the now hated seat of the john, that reminded him all over again of his potty training years gone by. This time at last he managed to produce a giant mass of turd that extended down almost it seemed to the water level. His effort rewarded by a loud splash as the lump of his excrement hit the water.

Relief flooded through Mikey that initially seemed to cool his flaming backside, but not for long.

‘Good start boy’ his father said. I want to see another like that and then maybe you’ll be just about through’. Mikey didn’t think he’d be able to do another, but dared not defy his father. He tensed his body and pushed again with all his might, grunting and groaning with the effort. There was a pretty big load still inside him, his dad knew that and Mikey knew that he wasn’t getting off that seat until it had all been done.

‘Dad can you rub my tummy for me please to help me get it all out?’ As he was struggling already he might as well have his father help him eliminate the rest of the shit and get it over and done with. Mikey wanted this nightmare to end.

‘Course I’ll help you boy, that’s what fathers do, they help their sons learn valuable lessons. I hope you’re thinking about why I have you sat there with your pants down Michael?’.

His dad rubbed and pushed down hard with circular motions on Mikey’s’ stomach. The result was a huge, protracted explosion of stinking gas and a bombardment of nugget sized turds pumping out of Mikey’s backside. ‘There’s my good boy, is that better?’ Mikey’s father asked sarcastically. Mikey was too mortified to answer.

‘OK, seems like you’re done stinker! Now, I’m gonna show you how to wipe properly’.

Mikey’s father had the boy stand up. ‘I want you to tear me of a few sheets from that roll, then I want you to bend over and part your bottom cheeks for me. I need to get a good look at your dirty hole and give it a good clean’. Mikey had never felt so embarrassed. The stench of his massive shit was thick in the bathroom and now his dad was going to wipe his bum, like he was two.

Still sore from his ass blistering beating Mikey parted his cheeks for his dad. In graphic detail Mikey’s father proceeded to explain how to clean up after a shit. He ran the toilet roll back and forth across Mikey’s bottom, digging in deeply when he reached his bum hole. Mikey flinched and earned himself a dozen hefty swats that thudded hard across his backside.

Each time he wiped Michael’s father showed the boy the results. After the first wipe his father held up the thick brown shit on the roll to Mikey’s face and proceeded to rub his nose in it. ‘Not nice is it, people shouldn’t have to put up with smelling your shit whenever you’re around. You’re 21 Michael, not two. If I have to I’ll wipe your bottom and have you show me you’re clean everyday. I don’t want to see any more of this caked on your underpants. Believe me boy I will be checking you for quite a while, do you understand?’.

Mikey averted his eyes, mortified, and just said ‘yes dad’.

Once clean to his father’s satisfaction Mikey was once again bent low across his father lap. ‘OK son before I give you this last good hiding I want to be clear you know why you’re getting it?’ ‘Coz I mess my pants dad and put you and other people through having to put up with my smell, I’m sorry, you won’t need to check me again, I’ve learned my lesson’.

Mikey hung his head in shame tears softly falling and trying not to feel like a little kid. His father after spending several minutes rubbing his son’s now almost purple and raw bottom repositioned him carefully and proceeded to soundly blister his boys behind for the final time.

‘Oh by the way son, you can give me your car keys. You won’t be needing them for a while, think I am gonna ground you for a month or two after all, just to keep an eye on you and make sure you learn to go to the toilet properly’. It was not turning out to be Mikey’s best day!


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    I went thru similar but he would give me numerous enemas between the beltings which wore me out to a pulp after it was all over with.