Dayna’s lazy bowels and a random find

When her company made her PR executive at the age of 28, Dayna felt in cloud nine. All those long years of study and hard work had finally born fruit. Her job was strenuous, but she loved it. She did not love, however, the toll that hard work was taking in her body.

Since Dayna started junior college, she was determined to reach the top. She spent long hours studying, often neglecting her nutrition. Not only that, when nature called, she put it off to go on with her academic work until her urge could not be unattended any more. As a result, Dayna’s bowels became lazy. and she only could move her bowels every three or four days. Dayna hated those times when the hard mass sitting in her dilated rectum pushed against her anus, nearly touching her fancy panties, looking desperately for a way out. She knew what that strong cramps meant, spending as long as half an hour in the foilet on a frantic struggle to pass dozens of hard pellets that left her exhausted and frustrated, and her butthole sore and raw.

Her nights were lonely, all the time she needed to devote to her studies had made her refrain from any serious relationship. Only occasional meet-ups with a couple of mates satiated her physical needs. Most days she had to resort to touch herself to porn. Although she had never felt any physical attraction to girls, lesbian porn really turned her on.

An unexpected twist of destiny made her press the wrong button one day, and instead of the usual images of young girls licking each other or playing with themselves, what appear in front of her eyes was a gorgeous curvy black woman in all fours, showing her open asshole to the camera, while a brown turd was slowly coming out of it. Dayna felt disgusted…or that’s how she thought she should have felt. She could not turn her eyes away from the screen. She felt revolted, but at the same time excited as she had never felt, and touched herself to her biggest orgasm ever.

From that day there was no more vanilla porn for Dayna. Videos with girls shitting on the toilet, but most of the time in their panties took their place. Even her sexual encounters with men stopped. She passed her days among her books, but her mind was often filled with images of women of all races and ages giving birth to huge firm turds.

During her strenuous pooping sessions she often touched herself thinking of those women to get a momentary relief among the exhaustion and excruciating pain caused by the hard balls she had to pass. One day, when after five days without a bowel movement the urge hit her, a thought struck her. Why not do it in her pants as those women in the videos did?

She dismissed the idea. She was an adult woman, not a slut like those women in the videos. But some of them looked classy…no way, she would never do it…a violent cramp hit her. She saw herself sitting on the toilet once more, agonizing to slowly push out hard ball after hard ball…not again.

She squatted and began to push. Nothing, as usual. She pushed harder MMMMMGGGHHH…her anus dilated and a hard piece of poop started to come out. NO. She could not be doing that. She quickly started to put her pants and panties down. Too late. A hard pebble fell on the seat of her panties. She had shit in her panties. She felt ashamed for a second. Then she felt relieved as she had never felt. She pushed like crazy…MMMMGGGGHHH…NNNNGGGHHH…pebble after pebble came out in her panties…NNNNNGGGHHH…NNNNGGGGHHHHH..AAAAAHHHH…her panties were filled with dozens of hard pebbles. She moved her hand to touch the back of them. There was the hard huge mass. She had done it. She played with the bulge, felt it, squeezed it, rubbing her clit furiously until she exploded in an orgasm beyond words.