At the last class I felt I would not be able to hold back my shit anymore. I did hold it back but so much that it was hurting to control it. Controlling my bowels is something I enjoy. Mainly because when I finally go in my pants it is a huge LOAD. It creates a big hang down bulge. I have done large hangdown bulges at school a few times because I want my friends to see that I shit myself for fun. One of my friends lives across the street from me and he watched me one day squat down and load my pants with shit. When I got home and off the bus I stripped down to my underpants and went outside with just them on. WOW! brave for sure to walk around my yard with just underpants on. I felt the huge one and started to push on it. I game I play is grunt and push but retract it back inside me a few times until I know I won’t be able to do that anymore. Then I fully force with all my might I totally do the grunt and push and force the load to come out. My friend saw the whole thing and when he came over he said “So how do you like boolmpies in your pants?” I guess that is what he calls poop at his house. I was kind of embarrassed that he found out but also glad he did. Now I could do future ones right in front of him. This one was cool because it was large and I sat down in it and smashed the soft shit all over my bum and then humped the ground and masturbated in my pants. Then I urinated in my pants getting the top outer pants soaked with huge wet stains for all to see. I hope he dares me to do this in school because I want to do it.