I have pooped my pants twice since the new year, but I still think I need a complete catharsis. I believe, when my time allows I will really pig out, eating a lot of cabbage for a large. stinky poop and some gas. And drive around the area where I used to live, reminiscing about past traumas and especially past the place where I had my pivotal accident that got me hooked on pants pooping. I think I will record my thoughts vocally while driving and struggling. When near the point of no return I will get out and walk, so I can for once empty myself all at once. I owe it to myself. I must add though, the drive is to be alone and once the struggle is in full swing while driving, the pullover and surrender will/must be in a secluded area. I must be able to moan, struggle to the last by scissoring my big thighs back and forth and have the final surrender …..I hope I can break down and cry, though I hope I do not suffer more emotional trauma or stress. this should be a way to cope w/past stresses and traumas, and though I wish I could perform in front of/with a sympathetic SO, sadly, it seems that it is not to be.


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    I understand what you say 100 percent. I’d love to feed you a ton of food and help and watch you to just take a massive dump.

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    You really should try pooping your pants as you drive your car.Plastic bags on the seat and a folded towel so that you can pee too and fully enjoy the experience.Believe me it is fun to smile at other drivers when you are sitting in well pooped panties and moving your ass to spread it all over.